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The Department of Energy Technology is a part of the Faculties of Engineering and Science at Aalborg University, and it is organised in seven sections covering the following main competence areas; Electric Power Systems, Power Electronic Systems, Electrical Machines, Fluid Power and Mechatronic Systems, Thermofluids, Thermal Energy Systems and Esbjerg Energy Section.

The Department has a series of world class laboratory facilities at its disposal where researchers and students do much of their work. Companies and organisations have the opportunity to gain access to our laboratories, and with the expansion and renovation of the laboratories of the department, we can now offer students and cooperating partners some of the research world's most advanced and modern facilities in the energy sector.

The Department has a comprehensive cooperation with industry and research institutions concerning PhD, co-financed positions, research projects, consultant work etc. Thus, the Department carries out research within all competence fields and a number of multi-disciplinary research programmes.

Furthermore, the Department provides teaching resources to a number of Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes in the field of Electronic, Mechanical and Energy Engineering.

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The Department has education and research facilities in Aalborg as well as Esbjerg. The core competence areas in Esbjerg are primarily fluid mechanics, thermal energy system, biomass and electronic control.

Information on the education in Esbjerg can be found at the homepage of Aalborg University Esbjerg.

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